Logo Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Austin Youth Film Festival Logo Competition!

Coming in first place as our grand prize winner: Megan Dale from McCallum High School!

And we had a tie for 2nd place with this design from Cara Smith of One Day Academy!

And this beautiful logo created by Julian Fernandez of One Day Academy!

About our Logo Competition Judges:

Daniel Stuyck is an independent filmmaker, colorist & title designer based in Austin, TX. www.danielstuyck.com A product of the Texas State design program, Nathan Trafford has been a part of the Austin advertising scene for over 5 years. With an emphasis on branding and typography, he has been featured in several publications and worked on multiple global brands.
1) Logos may include the words Austin Youth Film Festival, AYFF, or contain no text at all.
2) Submissions must connect to movies in some fashion and preference is strongly given to original artwork. Try to stay away from clip art or artwork based on pre-exsisting works!
3) The best submissions would showcase this as a youth-oriented film festival.
4) Submissions must be in no more than three colors (counting background color) and must be able to print in B&W/grayscale as they will be used in newspaper ads and on neon green t-shirts!
5) The image can be saved at a resolution that will enable us to zoom in to see details during judging, but the file size must not exceed 5MB. File formats: .gif, .jpg, .png, .pdf; preferably in RGB color mode.

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